Required Documents

Submission within the given deadline through email at: the following information:

I. Application form (provided). Fill out the application form and send it as a file I_APPLICATION_NAME_SURNAME.pdf

II. A copy of the final Diploma or any other document that certifies that graduation is expected by September. Request a copy of your diploma or other official document from your University and send it to as a pdf file II_DEGREE_NAME_SURNAME.pdf.

III. Gradings, accompanied by a Course Score Table. Request these data from your University and send it as a file naming it: III_SCORE_UNIVERSITY_NAME_SURNAME.pdf. Also, based on the previous data, fill in the EXCEL file by yourself (see template) and send it after you name it III_SCORE_ NAME_SURNAME.xls.

IV. Curriculum vitae in Europass format. Send your CV as a file that you will name IV_CV_NAME_SURNAME.pdf.

V. Proof of sufficient knowledge of English language, at least B2 level. Send the certificate (or certificates) as a pdf file named: V_ENGLISH_CERTIFICATE_NAME_SURNAME.pdf.

VI. Two recommendation letters in the provided template. Fill in the recommendation letter template with your information and send it to 2 people who recommend you, asking them to fill it out and send it via e-mail within the given deadline. This is the only file you don’t send yourself.

VII. Any other supporting element for the application, such as work experience certificates. Send these items after you gather them in a file that you will name VII_OTHER_DOCUMENTS_NAME_SURNAME.pdf.

The above (excluding VI) are submitted in a single e-mail entitled “Submission of participation at the Inter-departmental Program of Postgraduate Studies Water Resources and Technology NAME_SURNAME” at: within the given deadline. In the name of the files replace NAME_SURNAME with your first name (NAME) and your last name (SURNAME).

Submission control 1.

Check that you have submitted the following 7 files online within the given deadline.








Submission control 2.

Confirm that the 2 people that recommend you have sent the recommendation letters by e-mail within the given deadline.