Academic Personnel

According to Article 5 of the Operating Regulation the teaching of the courses and the exercises in the Master’s program can be held by scientists/personnel that provides evidence about scientific and teaching work experience relevant to the subject of the Master’s program

  1. members of the Teaching and Research Staff and EEP, EDIP and ETEP, or professors in accordance with ΠΔ 407/1980 (FEK 112A) or Article 19 of law 1404/1983 (FEK 173A) or paragraph 7 Article 29 of law 4009/2011, or the faculty members of the cooperating Departments,
  2. Teaching and Research Staff (TRS) members of other Schools of NTUA with assignment or faculty members of other Universities or researchers from research centers referred to Article 13A of law 4310/2014 (FEK 258A) by invitation;
  3. national or international visiting students who are qualified scientists with a position or qualifications as a professor or researcher in a research centre;
  4. scientists of recognised status with specialized knowledge or relevant experience in the subject of the Master’s program.

According to Article 5 of the Operating Regulation  Professors at the conduct of applied teaching methods (such as laboratories, computer labs, studies, field work, subjects, group work with individual presentations, etc.) with high technological support may assist members of EDIP, ETEP, as well as Ph.Ds, candidate Ph.D students and postgraduate students.