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A1.5 Management of River Ecosystems

Continuously increasing public awareness of the ecological value of rivers necessitates the development of robust, environmentally friendly and socially acceptable river management strategies. The application of such strategies requires knowledge, understanding and examination of a series of issues that are addressed in the following order:

  1. River hydro-morphology: Main hydro-morphological processes and concepts; description and measurement of hydro-morphology.
  2. Rivers as ecosystems: Human impacts and river typology; climate change impacts; aquatic species (mainly fish) and habitats; river connectivity; reconnecting European rivers (AMBER Project).
  3. Data collection and field techniques: standardized sampling methods (e.g. electrofishing, habitat mapping, riparian vegetation); field trip to a stream or river in Attica (Pikrodafni Stream).
  4. Ecological aspects of dams: Ecological impacts and dam management. Fish passes and their design empirically and using CFD models.
  5. Simulation models: CFD (hydrodynamic) and habitat modelling; the Mesohabitat Simulation Model (MesoHABSIM); Environmental flows; case studies.
  6. River restoration techniques: Analysis of alternatives; development of a River Restoration Plan; case studies.