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C2.0 Integrated Coastal Zone Management

The coastal zone (CZ) as a field of dynamic balances between anthropogenic and non-anthropogenic, biotic or abiotic, actions. Coastal processes of wave action, currents and geomorphological response.  Coastal division into subsystems based on geomorphological, sea state and land use criteria.  Estimation of coastal vulnerability and potential paths of sustainable development. Hydraulic and hydrological parameters of coastal land area. Sediment transport management in the sea and land sector. Characteristics of coastal ecosystems. Environmental pressures on the coast, Environmental impacts assessment of coastal projects. Climate change and coastal vulnerability. Integrated management methodology. Urban, architectural and landscape issues in the coastal zone and its description as a complex ‘cultural landscape’. Protection of the natural and cultural qualities of the coastal zone, economic and social interest. European and international legislation and policies, Maritime Spatial Planning, Barcelona Convention. Examples of Integrated Management Approaches, Sustainable tourism, Coastal fisheries issues and sustainable aquaculture.

The above issues are covered in the following order:

  1. Introduction, Syllabus, course goals and objectives, the CZ and its components
  2. Natural processes and coastal evolution
  3. Coastal ecosystems
  4. Coastal pressures, ICZM methodology, critical management issues and use conflict analysis – case examples, and use of GIS
  5. Climate change, sea level rise, erosion and coastal flooding, Coastal Vulnerability and Resilience, Adaptive management
  6. Coastal site visit
  7. Nonstructural and structural alternatives for coastal protection, impacts and constraints
  8. Coastal landscapes – Examples of Integrated Management Approaches, basic principles and methods in adaptive coastal ecosystem management
  9. Renewable energies in coastal areas, Coastal and Offshore wind farms
  10. International and European legislations and policies for CZ. The European ICZM Recommendation – Maritime Spatial Planning
  11. Urban, Tourist, Coasts: Coastal cultural landscapes and their identity
  12. Redevelopment of CZ: Urban planning and Port design for optimal and sustainable uses of coastal resources
  13. Communication networks and infrastructure in CZ