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C1.4 Marine Structures and Energy Resources

Classification of offshore structures. Environmental loads (wind, currents, sea waves). Regular and random waves. Potential theory. Morison’s formula. Diffraction and radiation problems. Velocity potential representation through Fourier series and special functions. First and higher order solutions. Mooring systems. Restoring forces. Design of a mooring system. Equations of motion. Introduction to marine technologies of renewable energy sources. Wave power. Power Take Off mechanisms. Point absorbers. Oscillating water column devices. Loads and power efficiency in random waves:

  1. Types of marine structures. Description of the environmental loads. Regular and random waves. First and higher order velocity potential representations.
  2. Morison’s formula. Jacket platforms. Drag forces.
  3. Hydrodynamic analysis of marine structures. Linear potential theory. Diffraction and radiation problem. Hydrostatic pressure. Exciting forces. Added mass and damping coefficients.
  4. Types of mooring systems. Restoring forces. Mooring stiffness. Design of a mooring system. Pretension forces.
  5. Marine technologies on renewable energy sources. Power Take Off mechanisms. Wave power. Sea waves spectra
  6. Oscillating water column device. Volume flow. Optimum air turbine characteristics. Solution of the pressure radiation problem.
  7. Point absorbers. Power efficiency. Optimization of the PTO