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C1.2 Coastal Processes

Coastline as a geodynamic system. Types of waves, currents and transmission of wave energy to coastal rocks. Geological structure and coastal geomorphology. Coastline classification. Erosional and depositional coastal landforms. Parametrization of coastal landforms – morphometry. Sediments: transport mechanisms, composition, classification, statistical analysis and environmental interpretation. Technologies for monitoring coastal erosion. Eustacy, isostacy, tectonics and shoreline migration; uplift and subsidence. Techniques of paleogeographic reconstruction of coastlines. Coastlines of Greece: past, present and future. The above topics will be covered in the following order:

  1. Introduction: content description and brief review of costal processes
  2. Factors of shoreline formation: geological and hydrodynamic
  3. Criteria of shoreline classification
  4. Sedimentological methods for shoreline studies
  5. Global and regional sea level fluctuations: relative and absolute
  6. Remote sensing methods for monitoring coastal physiography
  7. Methods of paleo-shoreline reconstruction – coastal paleogeography
  8. The dynamics of the shorelines in Greece