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C1.1 The Port System

Introduction to the concept of port system. Port planning at country level and the need for national port policy. Assignment of roles in ports. Port planning and the roadmap to a port development plan. Good practices of port planning. Forecasts of freight flows. Port productivity. Provisions for port development projects and layout design of harbouring structures and of berthing facilities. Port entrance and ship maneuvering area. Berth equipment and maintenance of structures. Navigational and maritime aids. Design of terrestrial port installations. General cargo facilities. Container station. Ro-Ro terminals. Dry and liquid bulk installations. Fishing ports. The above subjects are organized in educational units and time sequence as follows:

  1. English translation.Introduction to the concept of port system. Port planning at country level: need for a national port policy. Allotment of roles in ports. Principles for a far sighting port development plan.
  2. Forecasts of freight flows by commodity and origin/destination. Port productivity. Layout design of protection and berthing port structures. Port entrance and maneuvering area in the port basin. Road and rail connections.
  3. Berth equipment and maintenance of port works. Navigational and maritime aids.
  4. Port operations and port land uses: General cargo handling.
  5. Container terminals.
  6. Ro-Ro and multiple purpose terminals.
  7. Dry and liquid bulk terminals.
  8. Fishing ports.