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A2.0 Advanced Hydrology and Modeling (C)

The course initially includes a general reference on Hydrology and presents the hydrological cycle with investigation in the hydrological processes. Then, some advanced probabilistic approaches are used for extreme hydrological events. In addition, the groundwater hydrology is presented, and the parameters of groundwater aquifers are determined. There is also a focus on basin models for hydrological simulation and forecasting and hydrological methods for spatio-temporal flood-routing. Finally, application to flow-control projects, flood protection projects etc. are addressed as a result of hydrological design. During the course, special applications are presented. The structure of the course is as follows:

  1. Hydrologic cycle. Time and spatial scale.
  2. Investigation of hydrological processes (spatial integration of rainfall, snow accumulation and melting, natural and conceptual approach to runoff components).
  3. Stage measurements-and discharge estimation. Stage-discharge curves. Curve extension. Estimation of daily etc. discharge in a river location.
  4. Advance probabilistic approaches for extreme hydrological events (general extreme value distribution and its applications, modern parameter estimation methods, parametric models).
  5. Groundwater, physical properties of groundwater aquifers, determination of groundwater aquifer parameters, natural and detailed groundwater aquifer simulations.
  6. Unit hydrograph (concepts, properties, estimate, overlap, S curve). Estimation of unit hydrograph and flood assessment based on it.
  7. Hydrological simulation and forecasting models (multivariate stochastic simulation of hydrological processes, linear and non-linear rainfall-runoff models, water balance models, flood-forecasting models).
  8. Hydrological methods for spatio-temporal flood-routing (river routing and routing through reservoirs).
  9. Hydrological design (idf curves, hydrological risk, design criteria, application to flow-control projects, flood protection projects, other civil engineering projects).
  10. Special applications for hydrological simulation. Case studies.