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A2.2 Advanced Management of Water Resources

Water resources management under conditions of climate change or climate variability requires a strong background of basic knowledge and skills provided through the course “Water Resource Management” (A1.0). Beyond that basic knowledge, the student  will have the opportunity to acquire, through the course “Advanced Water Resources Management “, knowledge on more specialized issues related to water resources management, by putting  emphasis on climate change and also other changes in hydrosystems and physical processes involved in the management of water reserves. The aforesaid issues include the following:

  1. Water Resources Management: Fundamental concepts and recent scientific and technological developments; a new paradigm for Water Resources Management: balanced, adaptive, integrated
  2. Change Detection in Water Systems and Processes
  3. Climate Change in Water Resources Management
  4. Management of Surface Water Storage
  5. Municipal Water Systems Management
  6. Modern Optimization Methods in Water Resources Management
  7. Management of Groundwater Storage – Vulnerability
  8. Management of Groundwater Storage – Multiobjective Decision making
  9. Footprint of Products and Activities – Water Trade
  10. Drought Analysis and Preparedness Planning
  11. Ecosystems Services
  12. Machine learning- Special topics in Urban Stormwater Modelling and Management
  13. Water- Energy- Food nexus